On April 21, 2015, Acumatica announced its release of Acumatica 5.1 which includes multiple improvements to the modules in the Finance, Distribution, Customer Management, and Customer Portal applications.  In addition to improvements in the application functionality, there are now new “Feature Switches” that will turn off currently unused application functionality until you want it turned back on.

With the release of Acumatica 5.1 you can now access Acumatica data via oData feeds simply by selecting a checkbox in the Generic Inquiry.  This enables you to access and visualize Acumatica data with tools such as Microsoft PowerBI.

In addition, several improvements were made in the Deferred Revenue module to comply with recent changes to US accounting practices for revenue recognition.  Enhancements also facilitate support integration with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Service for Single Sign On (SSO).

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