The newest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is currently available for demonstration from Next Innovation, Inc. Offering “The Power of Productivity”, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 brings people, processes and ecosystems together so organizations can quickly adapt to change before change happens, helping people be better informed, make smarter decisions and be more productive. This enhanced productivity is accomplished by utilizing the “3 experiences”:

• Familiar Experiences – Deeper integration with Microsoft Office tools, such as Outlook, Excel, Word and the contextual ribbon ensures a more natural and familiar working experience reducing training requirements and improving user adoption
• Intelligent Experiences – Helping people make informed decisions by giving them better intelligence about their organization, customers and other relationships by giving then new ways to visualize their data and analyze details
• Connected Experiences – Connecting people, processes and data from inside and outside an organization to work together more efficiently and effectively

Today, more than 23,000 customers and 1.4 million users are benefitting from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Giving customers a new way to find solutions and services as well as opening up new business opportunities for partners, we are also announcing the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. Launching in September 2010, this new online catalog will provide an easy way for partners to market and distribute solutions to Microsoft Dynamics customers. The marketplace will allow customers to quickly search, discover and apply industry-specific applications and solution extensions from Microsoft and its partners to help them accelerate and extend their CRM and ERP implementations.

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