Markus Fogelberg  MSDN Blog Post13 Jun 2014

For business and IT leaders in today’s digitally-connected world who want to deliver amazing customer experiences, your solution – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 – is now available in 36 countries!

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 includes new Warehouse and Transportation management modules. This blog post will provide you with some links to what is new in these two modules.

What’s new in warehouse management

  • You can configure inbound and outbound intelligent workflows.
  • You can assign orders to clusters to pick from a single location, and configure profiles to control the validation and packing of items into shipping containers. You can also alternate between picking strategies for batch and non-batch items.
  • You can create, implement, and release work by using batch-scheduled or manual processing of waves.
  • You can set up cycle counting thresholds, create ad-hoc cycle counting plans, schedule plans, and cycle count locations and items.
  • You can set up container groups to order the sequence of the packing process, and create templates to support packing strategies.
  • You can use scanners or other mobile devices to optimize precision in the picking and put-away processes.

What’s new in transportation management

  • You can plan transportation for inbound and outbound shipments, manage routes, and consolidate shipments.
  • You can configure rating structures and shop for rates, based on charges such as fuel and customs duties.
  • You can view driver check-in and check-out history and driver logs
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