Oct 20, 2015

by Anita Campbell In Small Business Operations for Smallbiztrends.com

Microsoft Power BI Pro Puts Business Intelligence in Small Business’s Hands

There was a time when business intelligence solutions were mostly for big businesses.

Large companies have armies of IT technicians to install and maintain a business intelligence solution. And they have plenty of time and money to get a customized system up and running.

Large businesses would then be capable of pulling data from many different silos and combining it into meaningful charts and graphs that produced great business insights.

But what about the entrepreneur or small business owner without the budget to afford a large scale business intelligence system or the staff to maintain it? How can you combine data from, say, your retail, bookkeeping, and other solutions to discover insights that could help you make more informed business decisions in the future?

Enter Microsoft Power BI, the company’s business intelligence solution.  For more of this article click the link below.