“Wherever you’re heading, Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you get there first. It’s a multiple language, multiple currency enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with core strengths in manufacturing and e-business and strong functionality for the wholesale and services industries. Comprehensive functionality, all in one solution, helps mid-size and large companies across the globe seize opportunity and gain a competitive advantage”.

Ways Microsoft Dynamics AX Helps You Seize Opportunity

1)  Comprehensive functionality helps you run a lean operation.

Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you optimize your supply chain. It helps you streamline processes and communication because the system uses only one business logic, one source code, one database and one comprehensive tool box. You can track the sales you’ve made to your most important customers, or measure the downtime on a critical machine in your manufacturing plant. If you need to track a key performance indicator that isn’t part of the standard implementation, you can customize Microsoft Dynamics AX to capture it.

2)  You can connect with your customers and partners—wherever they are.

Use the Internet, mobile technology, and XML to build stronger relationships and help lower costs. Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you cooperate with other businesses more efficiently and service customers faster and more directly. All items and transactions are fully traceable, so you can have better control of your business relationships and can be more responsive to customers.

3)  You’re ready for the future.

When you install a new version of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Dynamics AX will automatically assume the appearance of the new user interface, and take advantage of the new operating system’s other improvements. Windows standards are built into the solution. If you upgrade to a new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, a wizard helps you keep any customizations you made to the previous version.

You decide when you want to expand your solution, based on your needs. New functionality can be enabled with a few mouse clicks rather than an expensive upgrade process. The adaptability and ease of customization of Microsoft Dynamics AX can lower your total cost of ownership, save you valuable resources, and improve your bottom line.

4)  It’s easier to do business across borders.

Multiple language and currency capabilities and intercompany functions let your company stay tightly connected with multiple satellite offices and legal authorities, whether they’re located across the street or around the world.

What’s more, with tools like Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal, you can open your business processes to customers, vendors, and employees wherever they are in the world, and all they need is a standard Web browser.

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