The integration tool TARGIT Business Intelligence or BI Accelerator (BIA) for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides automatic integration and implementation of TARGIT BI & Analytics functionality on major business areas. The well-known Microsoft interface is used in the Business Intelligence and Analytics tools from TARGIT.

With TARGIT BI Accelerator, your initial BI investment is minimized and you get almost instant Return on Investment (ROI). Standardized analytical packages optimized for your data are implemented and ready for use – right away.

This saves the extensive costs caused by consultancy, and it allows you and your colleagues to get started using the full range of BI functionality – with minimal technical resources.

TARGIT BI Accelerator bridges the gap between operational data in the Dynamics
AX database and KPIs and dimensions that can be turned into useful dashboards,
analyses and reports.

When TARGIT, your BI & Analytics solution for AX, and MS SQL Server have been installed, only a few additional inputs are needed in order to start the acceleration process. That is BI & Analytics made for action!

Targit for Manufacturers

Increased material costs, lower profit margins, and government regulatory policies make business difficult for any type of manufacturing enterprise.

As a manufacturer it is necessary to monitor and analyze competitors, optimize resources, and reach the highest possible productivity level without requiring an increase in investments.

To be a successful manufacturer, you must utilize technology and data to keep up with developments, understand quality issues, service interruption, lack of resources and other important issues. And in relation to this, it is important to find out:

  • How can we increase profitability? How do we minimize scrap?
  • What is the right rate balance? How can we keep a consistent speed?
  • How do we optimize performance? How do we reduce downtime?


Optimize your production

For a manufacturer, it is important to track whether or not the amount of scrap being produced is within tolerable limits. Minimizing scrap helps your organization meet profitability goals. TARGIT provides you with the ability to quickly get an overview of critical data, which will help you optimize your manufacturing company.

Keeping a consistent speed – finding the right rate balance

Machines and processes produce goods at variable rates. When speeds differ, slow rates typically result in dropped profits while faster speeds affect quality control. This is why it is important for operating speeds to remain consistent. TARGIT will assist you by providing to an easy overview of your production and help you find the right rate balance.

Whether resulting from a breakdown or simply a machine changeover, downtime is one of the most important manufacturing KPI metrics to track. Reducing downtime is an easy way to increase profitability. TARGIT offers you a way to analyze production downtime, which will give you an overview of where and how you can optimize your performance.

manufacturingProviding a clear overview of your retail data

For your manufacturing company to perform in the best way possible, the most important thing is to have a clear overview of your data. Most manufacturing companies are drowning in data, but if you don’t have the right tools to create an easy overview, data become useless

 Take business action on better decisions

In the manufacturing business, decisions sometimes need to be made fast. And in order to feel safe making fast decisions, you need to have a good foundation for business decisions based on your important data. You can set up intelligent agents that help ensuring that your organization can react quickly to market changes. TARGIT will automatically send you an e-mail when changes occur giving you the optimal chance to take action fast.

Beat competition

As we all know, the competition within the manufacturing industry is tough, and being able to be agile and adapt to new market conditions is essential for a manufacturer. TARGIT offers the ability to perform What-if analyses in which different scenarios are explored and prepare for various market situations. This way, you what action to take when changes occur.

Moreover, you can have mobile BI on your iPhone™ or iPad™ and monitor closely to analyze important business data from anywhere in the world. If you are out and about, and need to brush up on the latest information, you have access to analyses, can make business decisions, and create smooth presentations on the fly. You can even get notifications as push messages on your iPhone or iPady overview, data become useless.


For more information on Targit, go to:  http://www.targit.com/en/Experience-TARGIT/Products/TARGIT-for-AX.