Tablet2Newly released applications to Microsoft Dynamics AX are geared toward social networking for both phone and tablets.  Dynamics AX allows you to track the traditional contact details such as phone, fax, url, and email, but what if you want to also track social media accounts like Twitter?

Enterprise 2.0 & Social Capabilities

Windows Live is the internal and external social collaboration tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Windows Live features Messenger as a chat tool and SkyDrive, which allows simple storage and sharing of files.  Both Messenger and SkyDrive are mobile ready.  Messenger allows for video, messaging, and access to Sharepoint, as well as more limited integration with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.  Simple aggregation of social network updates from Facebook and LinkedIn are also available with Messenger. Key features of SkyDrive include collaboration of documents like Excel spreadsheets, mobile capabilities for uploading files, and file/document storage in the cloud.

Skype, another social collaboration technology, was more recently acquired by Microsoft and may give MS Dynamics AX further Enterprise 2.0 capabilities for collaboration, video, and VoIP calling. The newfound functionality might also find its way into Windows Live as well as new social networking and Enterprise 2.0 components in Dynamics AX 2012.